The Most Deadliest Snakes In The World

Most Deadliest Snakes

The world is full of wild and wonderful snakes. From Africa to North America and everywhere in between you are bound to come across a snake at some point. Many snakes are completely harmless while others can kill a human in less than 30 minutes! The good news? Most deadly snake bits can be treated with anti-venom, but it many cases, you need to get to an emergency room fast!

What are the world’s most deadly snakes? They are the Black Mamba, the King Cobra, the Inland Taipan, the Tiger snake and lastly, the Belcher’s Sea Snake. While there are many more highly venomous snakes in the world, these 5 are believed to be 5 of the deadliest.

1. Black Mamba

Deadliest Black Mamba Snake

The Black Mamba is considered to be one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Found in sub-Saharan Africa on the African continent, the Black Mamba gets it’s name from it’s trademark black mouth and not, as many people tend to think, the color of it’s skin. The Black Mamba can vary in color from grey to a brownish color.

Why is the Black Mamba so deadly?

The Black Mamba is considered to be an aggressive snake and is also the fastest snake in the world. Combine that with lethal fangs that inject neurotoxic venom, a Black Mamba can kill a human in less than 30 minutes.

2. King Cobra

Deadly King Cobra Snake

The King Cobra is another extremely deadly snake, this time coming in from Asia. Known to have bit and killed extremely large animals such as elephants, this is not a snake you want to get on the wrong side of. The King Cobra is also an extremely large snake. Reaching lengths of up to 5.7 meters (~18ft) it can be considered one of the largest deadly venomous snakes.

Why is the King Cobra so deadly?

If a bite from the King Cobra is untreated, it will most likely result in death. 50% of human bites from this snake have resulted in the loss of life. The King Cobra produces neurotoxic venom which induces paralysis once penetrated.

3. Inland Taipan

Deadliest Inland Taipan Snake

The Inland Taipan is found in Australia and is one of the world’s deadliest snakes. Otherwise known as the “fierce snake”, these slithery killers can deliver a fatal blow to prey or even to humans in an instant. While pretty on the outside, this Australian snake is not to be messed with.

Why is the Inland Taipan so deadly?

The Inland Taipan delivers a toxic mix of venom that induces paralysis, restricts breathing and haemorrhages blood vessels and muscles. A bite from this snake can kill a human being in less than 1 hour.

4. Tiger Snake

Most Deadly Tiger Snake

There is no doubt, that with the word Tiger in your name, that you’re going to be rated as a highly dangerous and deadly predator. This family of snakes may vary in size but not in the threat they pose. Found in Australia, the Tiger Snake vary in color and tend to be on the more aggressive side.

Why is the Tiger Snake so deadly?

The Tiger Snake is highly venomous and aggressive at the same time. A bite from this snake will include extreme pain, restricted breathing, sweating and paralysis. If untreated, a Tiger Snake bite is likely to result in death.

5. Belcher’s (Faint Banded) Sea Snake

Deadly Belcher's (Faint Banded) Sea Snake

Many experts believe the Belcher’s Sea Snake to be the worlds most deadly snake. Disputed or not, this snake packs a dangerous punch with a toxic venom that is debilitating. Found in the Indian Ocean around reef structures, it feeds on small fish. Luckily for regular ocean bathers, this snake is not aggressive and tends to shy away from conflict.

Why is the Belcher’s Sea Snake so deadly?

A single dose of venom can kill over a thousand people and it up to 100 times more deadly than the Inland Taipan. If bit, a human being would be lucky to survive 30 minutes before death if untreated.

Featured image by Meg Jerrard

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